Pop Up Exhibition Stands

Seamless Graphic Backdrops With Our Pop Up Exhibition Stands

Display your product or service with more “wow factor”, the way this frame locks magnetically when expanded, with mag bars that just fly onto the frame, held in place by neodymium rare-earth magnets, makes for an easy setup.
Framework hubs still retain the ability for horizontal, physically-snapped-on mag bars, enabling the use of showcases, internal shelving, LCD screens etc., because of their load-bearing structural integrity.

Our superior engineering accuracy completely does away with the glues used on lesser systems, so there is no magnet glue to fail, and our magnets stay put.

Seamless rollable graphic panels enable everything to be stored inside a wheeled transport case which then converts into a branded counter unit.

Our pop-up stand comes in curved and straight configurations and using combinations of both formats we can create interesting solutions for larger stand spaces. Tower units made from our pop up stand are also a great stand-alone addition to larger exhibition stand spaces.

Add Halogen or LED lighting depending on your preference.



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