Social Distancing Products

A range of social distancing products to help you, your staff and customers back into the workplace.

The video below shows some of our Hand Sanitiser Screen Options.

We have a range of aluminium profiles that can be cut to bespoke sizes to suit your work environment. Whether you need room partitions or desk dividers we can help. Clear acrylic material or branded panels to get your message across.

Social Distancing Dividers

Our clear flexible material used in the clear roller banners and hanging systems have a number of qualities that cheaper units fall down on.

** Ours is Food grade APET with outer layer anti-blocking additive – safe to eat your food off. 

** APET is unmatched with superior clarity and is a great candidate for offering a longer shelf life. 

** Its structural integrity serves as a defence against oxygen to prolong the lifespan of most food items. 

** This substrate also works well under cooler temperatures up to -28◦C.

** It is durable, cut resistant, and uncompromising when handled and is a versatile substrate that is widely accepted by most recycling programs.

** Most others will either crack (potentially causing health & safety issues) or not hold it’s clarity and get that horrible yellow hue over time.

Clear Hanging Flexible Screens

Hanging Clear Divider

Clear Roller Banners

Office Desk Dividers