Organising Your Exhibition Stand Installation.

Exhibition Installation

Organising your exhibition stand can be a challenge for any marketing manager.

Even if you have already sourced your exhibition stand system, making sure that its erected in the right place at the right time can be a challenge.

Venues vary so much as far as access is concerned. From hotels to large exhibition centres they all have their difficulties. This means it’s not straightforward for drop off of goods as you may think.  If you use a conventional courier service to ship in advance to these venues it can be a bit of a lottery. Many times we have been at events where exhibitors have been sat on their stand space with a framework erected and no graphics to go on them. One of the packages went missing! With standard couriers, it’s just a standard parcel along with 95 others they need to get delivered that day. Courier’s cannot afford the time to hang around for ages for their turn in the queue of trucks at the NEC or Excel for example.

At Trade Show Solutions we take all that worry out the equation. Our installation service manages everything from start to finish. We start well before the event to make sure that all the stand space services will be there like electrics, flooring, internet connection etc. We create risk assessments and method statements, stand plans etc in advance so you can submit to the organiser.

On installation day, you will have a devoted installation team of ours to set up your stand and take along all your product samples, literature and furniture. When you arrive everything will be ready to go.

Whether it’s a road show we take all over the country, trade show, or product launch we can help.

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